A Post About Photography Without Posting A Photo

Many of you who follow my blog are photographers of all levels and photography admirers.  I have a question that I recently asked myself and I wanted to open it up to others.  I’d love to hear your comments and I know many others will also love to hear the variety of responses.   In a small way, I hope this helps all of us visualize images before we make them:)

My question is “You’ve seen millions of images and I’m sure you have a favorite one.  Can you describe it without giving the location or a name?”

My answer to this question was this:  “My favorite image is from a place that has inspired millions of people throughout time. It is an image that captures a moment that is invisible to the naked eye. This image has allowed me to be in this place, to feel the air and to feel the pulse of the absolute stillness. It is a landscape as rugged as a saw blade yet inviting and full of welcome. There is no color and it leaves your mind open to interpret the scene as you imagine. I can see this place with my eyes closed because of this image and it is engrained in my mind.”

Thanks and I look forward to reading your comments:)

P.S.  A HUGE thank you to all who are recently following my blog after a previous post was Freshly Pressed!  Enjoy!

Last Night’s Sunset in Park City, UT

I thought I should share this image from last night over the city I love:)  Hope you are all having a great summer and staying out late!  EE

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Out Late

Rainbow Out of the Blue


Blue Rainbow

A few weeks ago a buddy and I went on a hike in the Uinta Mountains east of Park City.   The day started quite grey and it would only get cloudier.  Fast forward through a heavy thunderstorm and we came across this view while hiking out.  I almost couldn’t believe my eyes.

There was blue skies and no visible fog.  Just a rainbow floating over the lake.  There is probably an explanation for it but all I know is that I’ve never seen anything like this in all my time outside.   I’ll share some other images from this day soon since it was a beautiful day in the mountains.




The View

This image is from a few evenings ago overlooking Park City.  The clouds parted to the west at sunset leaving a display of reds, oranges and purples.   This is the view to the north from an area where I spend much time photographing and frequently, this distant landscape catches my eye.  Hope you enjoy!  EE

Distant Lands

Hot Summer Nights

I haven’t forgotten about sharing photos here, I promise!  Summer is in full swing in Utah and this image is from 2 days ago.  I’ll share more soon as its been quite beautiful around here:)

Summer Dreams

Instagram and Photography: Thoughts

Home Sweet Home

60 Million Photos per day:  200 Million Active Monthly Users : 20 Billion photos shared

What is it about Instagram that is a must for photographers when DSLR’s are pushing 40 MP with huge RAW files and powerful processing tools can do almost anything you want to a photograph?  Instagram images measure approximately 2″x2″ and are small by any standard.  Many images are shot with an in-camera phone and, at small resolutions, can be quite remarkable in quality and content.  Other images on Instagram, not so much:)  So why should you share your photos on Instagram?

One word.  Engagement.

Making Memories

First I’ll start with the notion that most people view IG images on their mobile device and not a 20″+ perfectly calibrated monitor in ideal light for viewing.  This idea alone will kill the thought that every little detail matters on an IG image.  Perfect tones don’t matter as much as an image being prepped for printing.  At the same time,  good light looks good anywhere and always stands out in an image, regardless of the size. You can find more on Part 1.

Images certainly are made for presenting on a larger scale than a small, 1:1 image on Instagram.  If you have the faintest doubt of this, go see a photography gallery in your area.  There’s something special about standing in front of a 100″+ wide image of a mountain range or ocean.  But there’s also something special about envisioning yourself there in real life.  Remembering some time you had in a similar place or dreaming about an upcoming trip.  That small daily reminder can come from a 2″ image on your phone as you fall asleep at night or as you drink your coffee on a Thursday morning while brainstorming your weekend plans.  Galleries can’t do that.  They don’t even come close.  (Part 2 and Part 4 explore this a bit more).

Making Turns

To see those images of a mountain range, or a person standing on the coast of Oregon or a person skiing in perfect snow, you need to want to see those images.  So you follow people who share those interests.  You search for #sierranevada or #oregon and soon discover others who post pictures of the Sierra Nevada on a regular basis.  If you’re the photographer who shares images of the Sierra Nevada, you’ve just connected with someone based on their personal interest.  Now think of it from a company’s (advertising) perspective.  Wouldn’t you love your customers to find out about you based on their interest?  Isn’t this the goal?  A bonding emotional connection with your customer? (See Part 3)

A final thought about Instagram and photography revolves around the words “the camera points both ways.”   If you aim to inspire others you’ll need some inspiration yourself.  If you’ve been inspired, you probably want to share that with someone else.   And here’s the real kicker with Instagram:  Those “others” or “likes” are actually people!  Yes, real people who share similar passions or interests that you do!

It’s actually quite simple when you think about it all.  Consistent and engaging images that strengthen your emotional connection to your viewer.  This is what photography is all about, but we’re not necessarily talking about photography, are we? :)

Thanks and I’d love to hear your thoughts on this.  You can also find me @ericephoto on Instagram.


Making Art