A Post About Photography Without Posting A Photo

Many of you who follow my blog are photographers of all levels and photography admirers.  I have a question that I recently asked myself and I wanted to open it up to others.  I’d love to hear your comments and I know many others will also love to hear the variety of responses.   In a small way, I hope this helps all of us visualize images before we make them:)

My question is “You’ve seen millions of images and I’m sure you have a favorite one.  Can you describe it without giving the location or a name?”

My answer to this question was this:  “My favorite image is from a place that has inspired millions of people throughout time. It is an image that captures a moment that is invisible to the naked eye. This image has allowed me to be in this place, to feel the air and to feel the pulse of the absolute stillness. It is a landscape as rugged as a saw blade yet inviting and full of welcome. There is no color and it leaves your mind open to interpret the scene as you imagine. I can see this place with my eyes closed because of this image and it is engrained in my mind.”

Thanks and I look forward to reading your comments:)

P.S.  A HUGE thank you to all who are recently following my blog after a previous post was Freshly Pressed!  Enjoy!

A New Photography Project: 100 Steps From Home

Art is not to be found by touring to Egypt, China, or Peru; if you cannot find it at your own door, you will never find it. – Emerson

After The Rain

This is a topic that has been on my mind for some time.  Photography is flooded with images from far away places and many think that you need to visit distant and exotic lands to create images.  Well, until you do go to those places, don’t pass up the opportunity to photograph and observe the beauty that is so close to home.  I guarantee that if you look around your house, there are beautiful scenes to capture.  This is true no matter where you live, whether in a city or a cabin in the woods or on the beach.

I’ll be pursuing this project further over the coming months and I made one image this morning that was 2 steps from my front door.  It rained this morning and patches of blue sky were breaking through.  The wind has blown many leaves off the aspens and this one caught my eye.  I’ll write another post with several images together as I find them:)

Happy exploring!


It Isn’t Art Unless Somebody Sees It


I’ve recently learned that a photographer who’s inspired me for many years has decided to turn away from from photography, possibly for good.  He’s always been one to photograph remote locations, in the bitter cold, in the dark and alone.  He wasn’t shooting to become popular or get “likes” and this showed in his images.  No crazy lines in his compositions, just an overall peacefulness.

His style has influenced me more than any other photographer over the years as I’ve found my passion for photography. All the early mornings of just a camera, coffee and pitch black have been inspired by him.  I would’ve still gone but it was a bit easier knowing there was someone out there doing something similar to get a picture.  I’ve gained confidence to not be afraid to be different with your photography.  This is extremely difficult, as anything creative should be, to no fall into the trap of photographing WHAT OTHER PEOPLE WANT TO SEE.  Is this really why you are a photographer?  Not me.  I’ve always wanted to share with others what I see, not what they want to see.

I’m honestly hurt that I won’t be able to see his images on a regular basis.  As much as it is important to photograph what YOU want and to do it YOUR way, it’s nothing if it isn’t shared with the world.  If Mozart only played piano in the middle of the forest with nobody to ever hear him, would he be a musical genius?  NO.  The part of art that I think speaks as loud as the work itself is sharing it with others.  It’s not art if others never see it.

I fully respect his decision to pursue a different journey, one that intrigues, challenges and inspires.  I truly wish him all the best and a sincere thank you for all he’s inspired with me over the years.

Happy Shooting,



Uinta Mountains of Utah

Earlier this week I spent 3 days backpacking in the Uinta Mountains of northeast Utah.  Rain was the dominant weather feature and luckily it cleared out on the final day.  This image is of columbine wildflowers at 11,000 ft among a rock garden.  The sun was on the verge of shining through the lifting clouds and the air was dead calm.  The trip was so refreshing with the rain, solitude and exploring new landscapes.  I’m working on several images for the next post which I’ll share soon.

Have a great weekend and get out there to enjoy the last bit of summer:)  EE


Last Night’s Sunset in Park City, UT

I thought I should share this image from last night over the city I love:)  Hope you are all having a great summer and staying out late!  EE

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Out Late

Rainbow Out of the Blue


Blue Rainbow

A few weeks ago a buddy and I went on a hike in the Uinta Mountains east of Park City.   The day started quite grey and it would only get cloudier.  Fast forward through a heavy thunderstorm and we came across this view while hiking out.  I almost couldn’t believe my eyes.

There was blue skies and no visible fog.  Just a rainbow floating over the lake.  There is probably an explanation for it but all I know is that I’ve never seen anything like this in all my time outside.   I’ll share some other images from this day soon since it was a beautiful day in the mountains.