Meany Lodge


 Margaret and I went to Meany Lodge …to celebrate her 30th birthday.  We got lucky and got some sweet powder after no snow for 2 weeks!  Meany Lodge is very laid back and somewhat rustic, but we were expecting that.  Neither of us had been there before and we decided to go after I came across it on a skiing website that I frequent.  All I can say is “I’m going back next year for sure, pow or not!”


2 thoughts on “Meany Lodge

  1. Eric

    I just came across your blog, THE PICTURES ARE FANTASTIC !!!! Thank you for putting them on line, and above all I am very happy that you and your wife had a good time and are coming back. Meany is definitely an “experience” – If you like, come during one of the fall work parties. That way you can meet some of the people that keep Meany running

    Now Two favors

    Could I use your picture of the dorm on the winter page ( to replace the room/board one that I’m using

    I also want to post all of the pictures (and others if you have them) on the winter stills site ( I would place them under a catagory “2008 stills”. If you agree, would you prefer that I link from your site or post them directly (with credit to you)?

    Emilio Marasco


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