Olympic Penninsula Beach

Margaret, Logan and I are headed to the beach!!  Leaving tomorrow and I’m sure to come back with some great photos and one dirty, tired dog. 

Well, we made it back and we had an awesome time.  We decided to name this trip  “To the Beach!”  since Logan tried to go to the beach at every opportunity.  We let her out to go pee at midnight, and she immediately headed off “to the beach!”  We had some rain on the drive there, then a beautiful sunset, followed by a day of squalls.  Margaret was sick and I was just recovering, so we kept it pretty low key and spent our time roaming and laughing at Logan.  We ended our trip up to the Hoh rainforest entrance station, and since dogs aren’t allowed in national parks, we headed back.  Luckily dogs ARE allowed on the beaches of Olympic National Park.  They are supposed to be on-leash, but since we saw only 2 or 3 other people, Logan may have been off-leash.   Its great to be back, but we all had so much fun on our first weekend of camping this year. 


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