Fish Lake with Logan and Mckinley

Cathedral sunset
Tomorrow I’m headed to one of my favorite places in Washington, Fish Lake near Cle Elum.  This will be about the 5th time I’ve been up there in 3 years and the first by myself.  I’m bringing Logan, of course, and her BFF Mckinley.  I plan on a short hike tomorrow near Cathedral Peak and then back down to camp.  Thursday I’m planning to go to Jade Lake if the weather is decent.  It is about 20 miles round trip so I’m sure I’ll be just as tired as the two dogs.  They’ll probably put on about 40 miles!  Any way, off to bed so I can get up there tomorrow.  I’m pumped to take photos with my new 50mm lens, 24mm lens and graduated ND filter.  I also have a digital camera now to post photos of my trips when I return.  Yeah!
I came back last night from an awesome “weekend” with the 3 of us.  I got to camp around 1pm and sat in the warm sun and cold wind and had a beer.  After lunch, the dogs and I headed up the Cathedral pass trail for a few miles to get some exercise.  It was a quick 4 mile hike, but it was uphill the entire way so it was good to stretch out the legs.  I woke up around 6:30 (thanks Logan) to stars and 35 dedgrees, burrrrrito!  After some coffee I headed up to the trail head and started walking quickley to warm up.  Hyas Lake has many campsites with views and lake access and then there are more spots around deception pass.  The pass is uninteresting as there are no views and all trees.  More importantly it it the hub of several trails.  Upon reaching the pass I came up to two guys sitting under a tree and I was so occupied with the dogs I didn’t see the sign for the trail I wanted and I kept walking.  Ironically, I walked for 2 miles down Deception Creek before turning around.  On my final crossing of Deception Creek slipped on a rock and landed on my chest, soaking wet.  I took off my pack and took out my map and realized my error.  So I was getting eaten by bugs, wet, tired, had wasted over 2 hours, but at least I wasn’t hurt.  I hiked back up to the pass and on to a small lake before making up my mind to turn around after hanging out there.  All in all, a great day and I will go back to do this hike more prepared.

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