Jade Lake



On Tuesday, I headed back to the Deception Pass area for another attempt to reach Jade Lake (see Fish Lake post.)  I was only in the company of my bearded collie, Logan, this time.

I didn’t start hiking until 2:45pm since I’d had some plans in Seattle that morning and only intended to camp near the pass.  I reached the paass in a little over 2 hours and the air was cool with a light breeze.  Feeling good, I decided to go on a little further and search for a campspot a little closer.  I walked past Hozbizz basin, one campsite available, and dropped 700 feet into the basin before beginning to climb to Marmot Lake.  Still no campsites.  800 vertical feet later I reached Marmot Lake, 9 miles from the car, and set up my tent minutes before darkness set in.  Needless to say I ate dinner in the dark and went to bed without drinking the wine I packed in. 

Logan woke me up at 4:30am and I could see out my tent that all the stars were still out so I made her lay down before waking up as the sky became light.  There is no sleeping in with Logan when you are camping, ever.  The trail to Jade Lake was interesting as it was primitive around the lake, straight up at the inlet, then perfect as it rolled over small hills on down to Jade Lake.  As the lake came into view, I remember being awestruck!  So beautiful! 

After roaming around, I decided it’d be best if I headed back and begin the 10 mile hike out to the car.  It was nice to hike the first part of the trail in the light this time and I enjoyed every bit of the trail.  The weather was once again cool with a light breeze and I hardly broke a sweat as I hiked 800 feet back up to Deception Pass.  I didn’t even see another person on the trail until Hyas lake, where I passed 2 others headed to Granite Mountain.  I was back at the car in 3 1/2 hours after leaving Marmot Lake.  I couldn’t tell who was more tired, Logan or I.  This was one of my most memorable backpacking trips because of my effort and the destination.  I’ll definately be back again.

I took many photos of the lake and surroundings to hopefully show what it was like there.  I can only show what it looks like but I find it very difficult to describe or convey the emotions in any photographs.  I spent over one hour there, just staring and trying to figure out how to photograph this place so people could feel or imagine themselves there.  I can’t photograph the sound of marmots whistling frantically as a hawk circles the basin waiting to catch one off guard, the roar of the water from a melting glacier, the 360 degrees of solitude or how hard I worked to get there.  All I can do is point and shoot.  I want to go back and spend some more time there becuase it is magical place that is so unique.  If I can just get one photo that will allow others to feel what it’s like to be there, it will be worth every step.


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