Mt. Baker and Artist Point

This weekend I didn’t feel like hiking 20 miles so I headed to Artist Point at Mt. Baker Ski Area to take some photos.

I’ve been tired this week and I didn’t want to push myself physically, although it did cross my mind.  The moon was nearly full last night so needless to say it was VERY bright at 5000 feet and sleep was difficult.  Sunrise was cool and then the light went flat.  I was planning to hike out the Ptarmigan Ridge trail, but as I approache the trailhead, two guys were coming out and warned me of a black bear above the trail.  I climbed up on some rocks and looked out across the hill side and sure enough, I could see a black bear about 100 yards above the trail.  It was moving slowly through the huckleberry bushes filling his stomach on the delicious berries.  Since Logan and bears don’t mix, I decided to just hang out around Artist Point. 

It was nice to be outside and in the mountains, even if the light was no good for photos.  I’ll definately be back there again.  It is an amazing vantage point and with the right light, I could take hundreds of photos.  Stay tuned.


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