Snoqualmie Pass and PCT

Margaret, Logan and I went for a short hike up the PCT to Commonwealth Basin today, despite the rain and cool temps in Seattle.  It was actually not raining while hiking, but another shower passed as we drank a beer back at the car.  The PCT crosses Snoqualmie Pass and climbs gently up Kendal Peak.  It is a great rainy day hike with some open views and big green trees.  We saw only one other person and had a few huckleberries at the turn around spot. 

The person we saw had just come from Stevens pass, 70 miles to the north, and was headed to Crater Lake.  I think he said 640 miles, but how ever far, it is a long way.  He walked the entire PCT last year at 69 years old!  This triggered my thoughts of doing a long hike, thoughts that I’ve had for a while now.  I know it won’t be this year, but I’d like to plan for next summer.  I’m thinking 2-4 weeks on the PCT and other connecting trails in  Washington.  That’s all I know now, but that is enough to get me thinking about planning this over the winter.  I might have to start another blog just for that!  Anyway,  enjoy some of the photos from today.  EE


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