Dylan and Idaho Road Trip

Margaret, Logan and I went to Idaho to see my sister Shannon and her newborn son, Dylan.  He was born on September 28 and he still looked like a newborn by the time we arrived.  We spent time with my mom and 2 brothers, my sister’s boyfriend and his family and a few of their friends.  It was pretty overwhelming for Shannon at times, but we were sure to give her some space.  We were able to take a few side trips to the countryside and over to Jackson Hole.  The fall colors were in full swing and the weather was beautiful.  We had several days to relax and hang out and do a whole lot of nothing.  It worked out well in another way too because we came from sea level to 6400 feet.  I think my headache and cottonmouth went away after about 3 days, leaving me with just the lightheadedness. 

Dylan is a very cute baby and very entertaining to watch.  He makes many facial expressions and seems to constantly stretch and move while awake.  Most of the time though, he does what babies do best, sleep.  I hope to go to visit again soon and spend time with Shannon, Jason and Dylan when things have quieted down for them.  I took so many photos so I’ll post a few of the highlights.  Enjoy!


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