Fish Lake, Fall Trip

Margaret and I realized we haven’t been to Fish Lake together this year…

…so we loaded up and headed out.  It was CHILLY-DOG out with a high temp in the 40’s and a low of 24.  There was some snow in the shadows and ice on the lake and best of all we only saw 3 cars.  I decided to get a bunch of firewood  and build a large fire now that the burn ban has been lifted and we needed all the heat we could get.  The evening was a little foggy and the sunset was a beautiful display of light blue and pink.  We choose this spot because of the meadow and the view of the Cathedral and the sunset and sunrise are always a little different.  The meadow is on the East side of the cascade crest, so the clouds often disapate right over the Cathedral.  This adds up to nice sunsets and sunrises.

We brought Mckinley with us and the dogs had a great time.  They chased each other until bedtime and Logan woke me up as soon as I could see without light and resumed chasing Mckinley.  It was so nice to go outside and breathe fresh cool air and stare at the mountains in a beautiful setting.  It makes the week seem a little easier and more tolerable.  This was our last trip to Fish Lake this year so happy winter!


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