Mt. Catherine

Logan on a log

Logan and I want out for a short hike near Snoqualmie pass on Thursday to get some excercise. Since there is no real snow to shred, looks like we’re still hiking this year.

Mt. Catherine is an easy hike of about an hour with steady uphill and a great view.  Mt. Rainier is hugely visable from the summit, as well as snoqualmie pass and Mt. Stuart.  There is a lot of exposure on the summit so Logan had to be on a makeshift leash.  She may be agile, but she’s not a rock climber or base jumper!  The light was very flat with an oncoming storm so many of the photos don’t capture the view.  With better light, photos have the possibility to be great.  The view of the pass and of Rainier is really cool.  The cold wind and the short day made for a quick trip but this time of year is great for no crowds.  There was only one other person in the area that day!  Logan had fun and I did as well and I’ll definately be back there on a day with better light.  May not be until next year though.


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