North Cascades road trip


I had a few days off work and have wanted to go visit Mazama and Winthrop, WA for a while now so with the nice weather I packed up and headed east.  I drove over the Washington Pass in the snow with no other cars, just me and the snowplows.  The highway stays open until they get tired of plowing and then it will reopen in May sometime.  I’ve only been up there one other time and it was rainy and foggy.  This time there was fresh snow, blue skies, and no people. 

On the east side of the pass lies Mazama and then Winthrop.  Mazama is a very small town, or cluster of homes with a corner store, and is very quiet.  The Freestone Inn is located in Mazama and I mainly wanted to see the location.  I’ve visited the website enough to know what they offer.  Winthrop was a great surprise to find.  It is a small town with an old western appearance with a variety of small businesses along the wooden boardwalk.  It is set in the beautiful Methow Valley with the large peaks of the North Cascades looming in the distance.

I had a great time and it was so nice to finally get to this place.  I’d like to go back in the spring and probably will go up to the pass when it opens this year.  I can’t wait to live in the country, but I’m not quite sure that this is the place for me.  It is a little too remote since the pass closes in the winter.  Logan absolutely loved it there and would be so happy to get a brother beardie and bounce all over the valley!  Enjoy the photos.


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