Ski Season 08/09


I want to try to record this ski season with photos and some words.  Hopefully the snow will continue to fall and pile up as it did last year.  So far, this year has kept on track despite the somewhat late start.  I went up on Monda night after work to get my first day (night) under the lights at Summit Central.  I skied all 800 vertical for several hours before my legs were too tired.  It began snowing heavily when I left so I took some photos of the snow piled up on the tractors and plows.  I have a mild fascination with snow removal equipment and a small dream to drive a snowplow some day, but for now photos do me just fine.

Tuesday brought blue sky and major crowds to the mountains and I headed for Alpental for my first turns there.  It’s quite amazing to see all the terrain exposed early in the year after seeing it with 200 inches in April last year.  There are holes, trees, rocks, stumps and everything else bad for skiing on exposed all over the mountain.  Luckily there is enough snow to make it fun though.  It’s also a treat to see Snoqualmie in the sun in December!

Wednesday brought about 8 inches of new snow and continued high winds overnight.  The mountain was nice and smooth with plenty of soft snow.  I didn’t arrive until about 1pm due to my sleepiness and soreness.  International was great, so was the top near Gunmount.  Elevator gate was open so I headed out to there and got on some of the steep pillows that I love.  I worked myself over in the snowy skies all afternoon and returned to the Jeep very happy and satisfied with calling 2008 a great ski year!  16 more inches fell at Alpental overnight Wednesday and the pass was closed all day.  Happy 2009.


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