Utah Vacation!

Moon setting over Thunder Ridge

I took a trip to Utah for 10 days which included skiing and hiking in the desert! 

I went primarily to ski in the US Freeskiing Nationals at Snowbird and had planned a few days of free time before to just ski.  Ski we did!  22 inches of 5% pow fell and transformed the mountain into a powder feast.  The first day was amazing as nobody was there and it only got deeper as the day went on.  Blue skies appeared the following day and nothing but sunshine for the rest of the week!  I never thought I would want to get out of the sun, but being from the NW the light is a little extreme.

The comp went well and the snow was perfect.  I didn’t qualify but I feel I skied well and I was very happy.  I really enjoyed hanging out and drinking pbr and olympia and watching everyone else ski though. 

After the week of skiing and hanging out with Tim, Amanda and Micah, they took off for Kirkwood and I headed south.  I wasn’t sure where I’d go at first.  Capitol Reef NP seemed like a good choice for midweek and I was not disappointed.  More sun and warmer temperatures made the desert a great place to just be.  I hiked to Grand Wash and then near Upper Muley Twist canyon before heading back to SLC and then to Seattle.

What a great time it was to see all my friends, ski pow, be in the sun, and get away to the desert.  I can’t wait to be closer to all of it!


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