To the Beach!!!


Logan and I are heading to the beach on the Olympic Penninsula near Ocean Shores and Klaloch.  The sun is coming out and the storm is moving by so there should be some beautiful skies and calm waves.  Logan is PUMPED!  Many photos to come!

I drove out to Ocean Shores and headed to the beach.  It was sunny with a strong, cool nw wind and no crowds.  In fact, there were no people at my first stop.  Logan immediately ran to the grassy area and ran around in very fast circles, barking at me to try to get me to chase her.  She was so happy to be out of the car and in the wind! 

We then went to some other beach access points north of Ocean Shores where you can drive on the beaach.  It is weird to drive right down to the waves and get out on the sand.  The wind was still ripping and Logan was even more excited than our first stop.

We camped at Klaloch campground with a bunch of RV’ers at a beautiful spot that overlooked the ocean and beach.  The sun seemed to take its time setting and after dinner we went for one last stoll on the beach.  At this point, Logan was a little sandy and wet only on her legs and belly but I knew it would only get worse.

Logan woke me up later than usual when we camp, a lazy 6:30am, and pulled hard to go to the beach!  Instead, I made coffee and oatmeal and built a fire.  The wind had died down to nothing and it actually felt warm for a change.  I’d gone to bed almost shivering the night before because of the strong cold wind, blowing unchecked through camp.  After some horrible cheap coffee singles, we went out for a walk on the beach.  We found some sticks and with each throw into the surf, Logan became more wet and disgusting.  She was fully content by this point!  Upon leaving she began rolling in the sand and covered herself in sand and salt water.  So, back to the water.  Then the sand roll again.  Then the water.  What a sick, gross, smelly, untouchable beardie.

Up the road a few miles was Beach 4 and Ruby beach.  We spent the rest of the morning playing on those beaches walking around tidepools filled with urchins and starfish.  I’d given up on Logan being somewhat clean after watching her roll and run in seafoam.  She was now fully disgusting and happier than ever.  The sun began to break through as I was leaving Ruby Beach and I decided to drive back through Forks and take the ferry back to Seattle. 

Our last stop was Crescent Lake in Olympic NP.  I needed to get Logan somewhat cleaner and the crystal clear fresh water did just that.  We had some stick fetching into the icy cold water until most sand was gone.  We made the ferry 5 minutes before it departed so there was no delay getting across the water.  It was a great ending to an awesome 2 days on the penninsula with Logan!


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