Mountain Loop Soaker

5 second view

I went for a drive up the Mountain Loop Highway out of Granite Falls with expectations of finding a snow-free hike on a rainy day.  *sorry for the fuzzy photos, I may have compressed too much*

There are still big patches of snow at about 1000 feet meaning all the side roads are blocked still.  With the rain stopped briefly, Logan and I headed out down a closed road that parallels the highway on the other side of the river.  We didn’s see any other people which was a relief.  I just watched Logan run, and run, and run.  She played in the river, played in the snow, mud, grass, bushes and chewed up about 100 sticks.  I think she’s pretty happy now.

The rain came in not to long after hiking and stayed the entire time.  At the car the temp was 38 when I got back so it was a cold rain indeed.  Oh well, it was peaceful and very green.  About 1/2 mile from the car the clouds began to part and I was able to get a view of the fresh snow covered peaks above the misty valley.  That was definitely the hightlight of the day, seeing the sun!

Overall, it was a pretty day and an easy hike/walk and well worth the effort to get out:)


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