Teanaway Camping


Margaret, Logan and I headed to Teanaway, WA for a quick one night get away.

We’ve never been there before but are sure to return.  It is beautiful, sunny, and dry.  We only had one day for the holiday weekend so we made the most of it and got out before the crowds.  It was great to hang out and eat a dinner over the fire and relax.  Thats about all we did:)


4 thoughts on “Teanaway Camping

  1. I explored the Teanaway for the first time on Sunday; you’re right, it’s beautiful, sunny, and dry. Gorgeous, even. Why didn’t I know about this years ago…?

    Where did you camp?


    • There’s some great hiking there in the next few months as the snow melts. Big view’s up high toward Stuart Peak and Enchantments also. We camped along some dirt road on that trip, I’ve also backpacked up high on another trip. Go explore more! Enjoy:)


      • Mount Stuart is a bad-ass! As I rode into the Teanaway, after a while I started to see this triangular, pyramid-shaped mountain looming over the closer ridges. Actually, my first view of the mountain was just as I passed the river, so, for all the world, it looked like this wild river was coming out of the mountain. And the views just kept getting better. I showed the pictures to anyone who would look (and I’ll be posting them in the next day or two online), and a friend of mine told me about climbing Stuart and looking down over most of Central Washington. When I look at the close ups, Stuart looks like it has some kind of armor from the middle ages, with all sorts of sharp parts coming out … maybe to keep people like her off the summit! Anyway, I guess that’s my way of saying “Oh my god, I was impressed!”

        I can’t wait to get back, and thanks for posting the photos … they give me something to drool over during the week.


      • Here is another trip from Stafford Creek high up in the Teanaway area for you to enjoy:) I agree, Mt. Stuart is a bad-ass and I would love to ski it! There is an awesome coulior from the summit. The Enchantments are also an amazing area I’ve not yet explored.


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