Pratt Lake Trail

Rock shower

Just a short hike this weekend after a busy week at work and only one day free.  We went up the Pratt Lake trail near Snoqualmie Pass and stopped just short of the lake.  The trail was beautiful, going through green forest, mossy areas, water falls, and many small streams.  One falls in particular was nice to photograph and hang out by.  Last week, my film camera broke, so I only had my small P&S digital camera.  I should have my “real” camera fixed soon though.  We stopped and ate lunch at a creek crossing before heading up to snow level.  It was misty and cool and the hat came out at the top.  Quite the change from last weeks 90 degrees!  Overall, a good hike with nice scenery, on a trail that leads to many, many lakes.


3 thoughts on “Pratt Lake Trail

  1. Hi

    Your readers might be interested in this story about Jordan Summers the hiking/travel writer walking the PCT (2650 miles from Mexico to Canada) to rasie money for charity. Spread the word if you can, and encourage people to support him.

    Many thanks


    • Good luck to him on his journey and raising $. I plan to carry out a similar trip in the future, still working on details though. Happy trails!


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