Stafford Creek


I went to Stafford Creek in the Teanaway River area for a nice backpacking trip to Navaho Pass with my trusty sidekick.

Seattle had rain showers and clouds and all that was left over was wind on the east side.  This made for some clear skies and kept all the bugs away!  Also, Tuesday hiking keeps all the crowds away too.

We started up the trail and watched the trees get smaller and the sound of the roaring creek was always present.  The hot air down low gave way to perfect hiking weather up higher and the trail was smooth and increasingly beautiful.  As I approached the pass, I met two people who warned me of a family of coyotes near the pass.  With that info, I decided to head away from the pass and find an area open and flat to camp.  I only had two prerequisites: Snow for frozen margaritas and water to drink.  A view would be nice too.  I really don’t care for camping in areas with no view from camp.  I don’t know why this is, but I find that to be true most of the time.

I was very tired from hiking nearly 3000 feet so after a quick stroll to the ridge, I headed to bed cold and tired.  It was very windy there and my rainfly-only option was being put to the test.  It’s a good thing I’m OCD about anchoring my tent.  I’ve learned my lesson once in Utah, arriving back to where I had pitched my tent only to see it rolling down the hill in the wind like a tumbleweed!

I amazingly enough woke Logan up around 5am and made some coffee, shivered and went for a hike to the pass and neighboring summits.  The sun was out by then so I was able to warm up quickly.  I had great views in all directions, especially of Mt. Stuart shrouded in clouds across Ingalls Creek.

I had to cut my trip a little short since I’d packed light on food and was nearly out.  I headed down, taking my time to photograph and wander downhill.  It was a great trip and I’ll go back sometime again, preferrebly in June!


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