Fish Lake Meadow


We went up to Fish Lake (Tucquala Lake) for an overnight relaxing weekend. 

It was sunny and windy after crossing over Snoqualmie Pass at 49 degrees!  Is it July?  Sitting in the warm sun with a cold PBR was the name of the game for a few hours, but then the clouds came in and brought the cold air with it.  We camped with the rainfly on but nothing fell as we went to bed. 

About 2am I woke to flashes of lighting and then the thunder came in. Boom, Krack, Boom!!  We ran from the tent to the car since sitting in a tent in the middle of a meadow in a lighting storm didn’t seem logical!  The storm seemed to pass as the rain pounded the tent then let up.  We were just about to fall asleep and KRACK!!! followed by an immediate BOOM!  The lightening hit less than 2 seconds away and we once again ran to the car. Needless to say we are both tired from an eventful night.  Thankfully the car was near by or it would have been much scarier for us and for Logan.

In the morning, the clouds had lowered and the wind picked up again.  We were both in hats and coats all morning and kept looking at each other thinking, “is it July?”  The flowers were amazing and I haven’t been there with the flowers in full bloom.  Meadows full of color!  The wind made photographing them very difficult, especially with the low light.

All in all, a relaxing weekend with wild northwest weather in one of my favorite places.  Enjoy the photos!


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