2 Hot Days in the Pacific Northwest


With hiking season in full swing, I was thrown a curve ball with the 90+ degree heat.  Where do you go when it’s that hot? Answer:

Baker Lake from the North side is not the answer!  I attempted a backpack along the Baker Lake Trail, starting from the Baker River trailhead.  Signs warned to not cross the creek about 1 1/2 mile in, but I figured I’d try.  There were severs storms in the area the day before, making everything damp and knocking down huge trees everywhere.  The heat only made the humidity worse.  I hiked the trail, crossed the bridge and made it to the closure to find a bridge that crossed the creek completely wiped out.  It was later in the evening and the brush was thick, the bugs were thicker, and there was no lake to be seen so I headed back.  I decided to attempt fording the Baker River, which felt like an adventure, and returned to the car in a short time.

The next day I headed to Dorothy Lake, knowing it was only 2 miles of hiking to a huge lake.  Couldn’t be that bad, especially compared to the day before.  The trail has seen so much use that most of it has been replaced by a trail of wooden steps and boardwalks.  You hardly are on real trail, but the walking is easy!  Half way in I reached a bridge and a great clear pool.  The creek comes down the valley like a giant series of waterslides and is cool to see.  A little bit further and climbing up a steeper trail the lake appears in no time.  I wandered to the shore so Logan could get some water, then made my way further along the shore.  I found a perfect little beach/cove to hang out in for the day.  The water was great, not too cold, and crystal clear.  The bugs were thick so I made frequent dips.

On the way out I stopped again at the large pool by the bridge and took a few dives.  So refreshing!!  Overall, a great hot weather hike, easy to get to, and if you don’t mind a crowd it is a nice stroll.


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