Tunnel Creek, another rainy day hike:)

Foggy Forest

After taking a week off from hiking, I needed to get out again.  The rain’s been-a-fallin’ here again and it was actually nice to hike in the cool weather again.

My first plan was to go to Cady Ridge, but the Index River road was closed.  I drove over to the Beckler river road, but that had a sign informing of a closure 17 miles in.  I found out later that you could actually make it to the trailhead.  Instead, I chose another hike on a nearby road.  The dirt road looked like it doesn’t see much use so I decided to go for it.  The hike was uphill, but not too steep.  Then again, after Welcome Pass, trails seem a little flatter!

The bushes were dripping wet but I managed to somehow stay pretty dry on the way up.  In about 1 1/2 or 2 miles and 1400 vf, I reached Hope Lake.  It is small and in a nice forest setting.  It’s probably not the best swimming for people, but Logan sure didn’t mind!  The mosquitos were out despite the drizzle so I continued on north on the PCT.  I was getting tired from a sleepless night so I called it a day.  Overall, it was a nice hike and the huckleberries are starting to come out.   Enjoy the photos.  EE


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