San Francisco

 Bay Bridge

I have the amazing opportunity to work in San Francisco for 3 1/2 weeks!  When I’m not working I have plenty of free time to get out and explore this beautiful city.  There is so much to see and do, I don’t know how people only spend a few days here.  

Upon arriving, I felt overwhelmed with the sights and sounds of a big, busy city.  Everything you could need or want is here and there are people doing everything everwhere.  Now that a few days have passed, I feel more comfortable in the city and know where I am for the most part.  Transportation is easy along the main routes, although I haven’t been on the BART or MUNI yet.  I have many plans, but lots of time that I’m not trying to fill up.  I like the idea of taking my time and going where I feel like instead of planning everthing out.  So, I’ll see where my travels take me and share the photos here.  Enjoy and come see this beautiful city!!


3 thoughts on “San Francisco

  1. You worked at the Palace Hotel!! The Garden Court is gorgeous, had breakfast there–would love to do the high tea thing some day.

    If I remember correctly the doors and the bathroom were a throw-back to another era. Tiny tile and strange old bathroom fixtures and wide, solid doors with craftmanship they just don’t do anymore. I thought the hallways on the room floors were kind of creepy–kept reminding me of the movie The Shining.


      • They are fun to read–probably because I miss the mountains of Utah and camping. If you ever get a chance to go down I-80 to the Bonneville Salt Flats, there are some interesting photo ops. Again, it’s like another world.


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