Golden Gate Bridge

My “vacation” to San Francisco wouldn’t be complete without a trip to the Golden Gate Bridge.  I’ve gone a few times, but the fog has obscured the view for the most part.  This time I caught it at sunset with clear skies and I loved it!  As touristy as it is, it’s beautiful.  I’d love to get across the bridge and up on the Marin Headlands for a photo back onto the city, but I think I need a car to get there.  Oh well, next time:)  Enjoy the photos!


3 thoughts on “Golden Gate Bridge

  1. You don’t need a car for the shot you want! Just on the northend of GG off of HYW 101 there’s a Conzelman Road Exit. Not too many tourists know about it, and there’s no road sign to tell you it’s there. Follow the Conzelman exit which will lead under HWY 101 to the Marin Headlands side. Conzelman leads up the hill to a vista with a unique view of Golden Gate Bridge with San Francisco in the distance. Alcatraz Island is also a unique view of the City and bridge (buy tickets ahead of time). Also there’s a Fort Point under the bridge on the southend. It too is a unique view of the bridge from underneath. Now you know all the cool places like a native. 🙂


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