Shred Alert ’09-’10 at Mt. Baker!!!!


It’s begun.  The strong, southerly flow with a consistent 3000 foot snow level has been good to us this week.  Mt. Baker has a 70″ base in one week and the temps dropped to 23 as the sky cleared all to blue.

I tried going to Stevens on day one, but a 30″base just isn’t to inspiring for 3 days of skiing.  Especially when I knew that to the north, things were buried in white magic.  I decided to head home and get an early start for day two.

Driving up Highway 542, the snow became deeper and deeper as the narrow road climbed higher and higher.  Snowbanks at the parking lot were head high and all POW!  I skinned up Blueberry ridge with all the other smiling, snow covered people and managed to find some safe turns in the white out.  Two laps were enough to wake up the sleepy summer legs.  Knowing I was going out again the next day, I held off from skinning til I collapsed:)

I managed to get some new wax on the Big D’s in Glacier so day 3 was going to be nice.  I met up with Joel Wednesday night in the parking lot and we drank beer in the cold, clear night.  The meteor showers provided entertainment as more cold beer went down.  So perfect.

7am sunrise in the cold, clear sky was amazing.  The energy in the air was a welcomed sensation and winter had begun!  Skinned up, skied in the sun, again and again, then finished with a deep powder run down to the cars.  An opening day to the season I will never forget!!!!!  EE


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