Ballard Locks

I have a few days off so I thought I’d wander around the Ballard Locks for a while. The salmon have passed through, boating season is over and it was grey and cool which all made for a peaceful time. I was up taking some photos of the geese and I heard some splashing in the big lock. A year or two ago, I was alone with no camera by the same big lock when I saw a seal jump up on the lock gate and jump about 15 feet down! This time I had my camera and I knew exactly what the splashing was! Sure enough, a big seal jumped up and scooted across the gate and sent it! I was just in time! Pretty good day at the locks playing around with the new camera. Enjoy:) EE


2 thoughts on “Ballard Locks

  1. Your picture of the seal diving into the locks is awesome! You should share it on the Hiram M. Chittenden Locks facebook 🙂 I am a Natural Resource Specialist that works at the locks and this is captured so well!


    • That was a cool day for sure! I’d seen it happen before when I didn’t have my camera so I took it every time after. The locks are one of my favorite places to shoot in Seattle 🙂


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