Montana Ski Trip

Before heading to Hawaii, I took a long awaited ski trip to Montana! I met up with Casey on Friday and headed to a favorite local area. The snow was thin but we managed to find the goods up high. We attempted to get a free ride up twice, it worked 1 1/2 times though. I got tossed the 2nd time up but managed to hop back on. My photos of this day were erased by accident:(

We spent day 2 repairing a sled and resupplying, heading down to Jackson, MT in the afternoon. We arrived to find Jackson hopping to some sort of local party. We caught some soaking time in at the hot springs while the locals were partying and prepared for a big day 3.

We woke up and a short drive across the valley brought us to a long approach to a beautiful world of blue skies and untracked white snow. The sun was strong and the air was cold and once the snowmobiles turned off it was peacefully quiet. We spent the day hiking along a ridge and finding a way off the peak. Our original plan was too risky and too rocky! Day 3 ended with another soak in the hot springs, this time with the lodge being empty. A few cocktails and a good dinner and we were ready for day 4.

Blue skies and warmer on day 4, we headed a little further north. An easier approach brought us to another alpine playground. Casey’s binding was broken so I did a short hike to the base of a huge mountain and skied the apron back down. It was nice just to be out there and we’ll be back to ski that mountain together!

It was an awesome 4 days of backcountry skiing that I’ll never forget! Enjoy:) EE


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