Olympic National Park (Beaches)

I went to Olympic National Park for two days, despite a rainy and windy forecast.  A huge storm was rolling through the Northwest and the mountains were getting pounded by snow and the lowlands were getting lots of rain.  There was a lot of wind too so I figured I’d go to the rainiest place in the lower 48, Forks, WA!

I camped the night at Mora Campground among the giant trees covered in green moss and spend the evening roaming on Rialto Beach.  Sunset was nice and it was cold!!  The next morning I woke up early and headed to Third Beach.  A 45 minute walk brought me to the beach that was washed clean of any tracks.  I strolled up the beach, over the next headland, around the next point and stopped at a beach with a beautiful view of the seastacks that make the Olympic Coast famous.

I wasn’t there at sunset or sunrise, I’ll have to save that for an overnight trip, but it was awesome just the same.  Few people, lots of starfish, tide pools and views.   Oh, and it was super muddy the entire time off the beach!

On the way home I stopped at Marymere Falls by Lake Crescent and did the short hike off the highway.  I had no idea it was so close and I’ve driven by there a hundred times without stopping.  It is so beautiful and such a photogenic waterfall!  All in all it was a great getaway and I can’t wait to get back!  Enjoy.  EE


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