Long Beach, Washington

To the Beach!

Long Beach, Washington is claimed to be the world’s longest beach and at 26 miles long, it very well may be.  You can see nothing but waves, beach and dune grass for as far as you can see up and down the beach!  There is plenty of room for the hoards of vacationers that head there each day so peace and solitude are the name of the game here.

We stayed at The Inn at Discovery Coast and had an unobstructed view of the ocean and the sound of waves were the only sound in the room.  There was no sunset because of the gray skies, but if the skies were more open then this place would be fantastic!

Day 2, we went up to Oysterville in search of some fresh oysters.  We only found oyster farms and mosquitoes and a misty rain.  There was nobody around though so it was very peaceful.  The oysters we did have from Willapa Bay are HUGE!  And delicious!

The beach is never ending and you find yourself becoming more relaxed by the minute.   Long Beach is a great place to go for anyone to find peace, quiet and to just stare at the Pacific.  I didn’t take many photos because of the gray skies.  I went to relax and I feel like…….ahhhhhhhh.  EE


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