Hot days in Seattle

We are currently in the middle of another heat wave in the Pacific NW and Seattle.  It was 95 degrees yesterday in Seattle and will be around 95 again today.  If you want cool, head to the Oregon coast where it is in the 50-60 degree range.  You could also head to Camp Muir on Mount Rainier where it was 54 yesterday!  Its at 10,000 feet though and you’d be hot and sweaty getting there!

This is only the 2nd real heat wave we’ve had in Seattle this year  (It was 95 on July 8th)  Most days have been in the 70-85 degree range with lots of morning clouds and fog followed by afternoon clearing.  It misted a little bit last weekend and had a little rain, but its been mainly dry since July 2nd.  Nearly 50 days of dry in a place people associate with wet.  Not bad!

I’m off to go work on my tan and get some summer photos while I can!  Enjoy the heat and sun.  EE


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