Wandering in Paradise on Mount Rainier

The wildflowers are blooming at Mount Rainier!  We headed to Paradise at Mount Rainier National Park  to see for ourselves with hopes of sunshine and warm temperatures.   I was expecting hoards of people being peak wildflower season and being a weekend but were pleasantly surprised when we arrived around 9am to a 1/2 full parking lot!  More did come, but not until later.

The Mountain only showed herself for an hour or so before the clouds and mist rolled in.  It was so cool to be on the mountain and watch the weather change.  We were soon hiking in a cloud and surrounded by stunning wildflowers and few people!  Perfect!

I think the hike was about 5 miles and we took about 5 hours, taking many, many photos.  At the high point, 6,000+ ft, it began to get a little chilly and the fingers got pretty cold from photographing flowers.  We headed back down to the Paradise Inn and found the stash of free tea and cookies, yup! The rest of the afternoon was spent at the Inn eating and relaxing.

It was foggy outside, the Paradise Inn was full of returning hikers and arriving weekend guests and people were lounging around in the Inn after a good day on the Mountain.  I sat there and wondered how many people have done the same since 1916 when it opened.  Kind of a cool feeling to realize this and to think of all the people who are inspired from Mount Rainier.  Loved it.

I took a lot of photos and I tried to edit them down to the better ones.  I then noticed there was still 50+.  Who cares, there were millions of flowers so 50 is insignificant, right?  Anyway, enjoy the photos and go to Mount Rainier at some point in your life!!!  EE


3 thoughts on “Wandering in Paradise on Mount Rainier

  1. This is so cool Eric! Amazing pictures!
    I loved when I was in Seattle and I was able to see the Mount Rainer so clear and majestic! Keep updating, it make feel a little bit closer to Seattle! 🙂


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