Friday Harbor, San Juan Islands

I went to Friday Harbor for 2 days of exploring, 2 separate days that is!  I unfortunately was only planning for one so I didn’t stay overnight.

Day one was foggy, cool and raining from Seattle to Anacortes.  From Anacortes to Friday Harbor, the rain stopped but the fog persisted and created a dramatic effect on the islands.  The mist swirled through the forest and disguised all features of the islands except for the coast.  The ocean was glassy and combined with the fog it created an almost mystical arrival to Friday Harbor.  Unfortunately, I didn’t have my camera as I was there for other reasons.

Day 2 brought more rain and fog when I woke in Seattle.  Once I reached Everett, the weather improved and the rain had stopped.   From Anacortes I could see blue sky over the San Juan Islands!  Just like I’d heard, the rain shadow that gives the Friday Harbor 240+ days of sun per year was happening today!  It didn’t take long until I was soaking up the strong rays of fall sunshine.  Blue skies dominated the day in Friday Harbor and I couldn’t have asked for anything better.  I even had my camera!

As for Friday Harbor, it is a quiet little tourist town that explodes with tourists in the summer.  The off-season is quiet from my understanding.  There are several restaurants, bars, shops, galleries and tourist places all contained on a small hillside town.  There is also a marina adjacent to the ferry terminal where the seaplanes from Seattle arrive.

I didn’t get much time there but took some photos to keep my memories.  I’ll be back for sure sometime soon to really explore this stunningly beautiful place!  EE


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