Mt. Adams

I went to Mt. Adams for 3 days of backpacking, high above the clouds and in the middle of the fall colors.  There were so many amazing views in this area, almost too many to even take photos of!  I hiked up Killen Creek trail to the PCT and wandered around the alpine meadows until I found a great campsite.

The first night the mist and clouds rolled in, shrouding the Mountain in alpenglow.  Then I saw the goats I’d been smelling on the hike up.  25 in all and so close!  Once they realized I was there they headed uphill pretty quickly and I relaxed with a beer and watched them.

The nights were clear and so full of stars.   Around 2am, the 3/4 moon came out and illuminated the entire area and I once again saw the goats coming back down.  I tried a few night photos of the Mt. Adams, but my night photography is still lacking.

The next day I decided to go search for the goats I’d seen.  I followed goat trails up, around, down and back and saw nothing.  After a quick nap, I headed out again to search.  This time I went straight up and when I nearly reached Adams Glacier, I saw them all hanging out by a high pass.  Some of them started to come down and cross a few snowfields and then they saw me.  I must have stuck out like a sore thumb, wearing yellow and blue in a world of rock and ice.  They all began moving toward the next high pass and in a matter of one hour, they’d all relocated.

The way out was quiet and peaceful along the PCT.   Red, yellow, green, blue, pau:)  All the colors where there with Mt. Adams looming high overhead the entire time.  Awesome trip and awesome place.  I have hundreds of great photos of this trip but am only posting a few now.  More to come later for sure.  Enjoy, EE


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