Day Trip to San Juan Islands

Made a last minute decision to go to the San Juan Islands for a day.  The rain and clouds were thick around Seattle and the San Juan’s could be nicknamed the Sun Juan’s!  We started by running to the ferry and holding them up with our Orca cards.  Speeding and running to a ferry….pretty awesome.

Once aboard, we headed to Friday Harbor for a walk around town and some lunch.  Two hours later, we boarded another ferry and sailed to Orcas Island.  There is almost nothing to do at the ferry terminal on Orcas Island except for drinking beer in the sun!  So that’s what we did for 2 hours.

Fun day in the sun with a few nice photos despite the not so great lighting.  It was nice to be in the sun and get away from the city chaos for a day.



3 thoughts on “Day Trip to San Juan Islands

  1. I have really been enjoying your photography. But I wonder if you agree with me when I state that in my opinion colour works so much better for nature shots, but black and white is fabulous for urban shots. To me nature shots in black and white always look like they were taken in a dull day in 1964.


    • Thanks Tooty, I agree with that most of the time. There are some scenes, like the b&w images from the San Juans that I thought were better in b&w. The light was very flat and the b&w created a mood with the grey tones. In color, the photo was boring..


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