Olympic National Park, Rainforest and Beaches

My family came to Seattle for Spring Beak and we left Seattle as fast as we could!  After a day exploring the Washington State Ferries, we drove south and then west until we hit water.  Our home for 3 days had a great view over the beach and with a HUGE storm in progress, we were treated to great storm watching!  There was a 20-25 foot swell impacting the coast for the first 36 hours we were there.  It was not like there were 20 foot waves bro, it was more like the entire beach was covered in water.  The entire coast looked brown from the unusually high water level, tide, and large waves.  The 3rd day was much calmer and we actually were able to be on the beach.

Our first stop was at Lake Quinault to take a short walk through the forest and to see a few waterfalls.  My mom and brothers loved the forest and the enormous trees.  Slugs were a hot item too!  There are beautiful waterfalls along the road near Lake Quinault so we took our time to view those until the rain came.  We are in the rainforest you know…

From there we went to Ruby Beach to see some sea stacks on the sea shore.  20+ foot swells on Ruby Beach means you’re not really seeing Ruby Beach in its grandeur.  We barely made it ON the beach since the waves were pounding the logs at the back of the beach and the waves were pushing far up the creek that empties at Ruby Beach.  It was quite a site and I was entertained seeing a rock that you can normally walk to WAY OUT in the ocean!!  WOW.

Day 3 took us to Ruby Beach again, this time it was low tide and the swell had subsided.  Now we could walk all along the beach, see tide pools and even found some starfish.  The sun was out and I saw a smile on my moms face that didn’t go away:)

After Ruby Beach, we headed to Rialto Beach where the waves were still a little angry.  Rialto Beach is stunning with calm waves and this day was quite dramatic with large waves and beautiful lighting.  Somehow, the sun gave us a break for 3 hours so we stayed and pretended we were in Hawaii sunning ourselves.

After a short drive, we headed to Marymere Falls.  It’s an easy walk to a beautiful waterfall and one that many people drive by without stopping.  I’ve been there before and I knew I wanted my mom to see it.  Before long we were back to the ferry terminal and headed back to Seattle.  Vacation was over and I had a great 3 days on the coast!  I can’t wait for my next trip!  EE



4 thoughts on “Olympic National Park, Rainforest and Beaches

  1. The Olympic National Park is so cool, an ancient pre-historic rainforest! I was there 15 years ago. I remember half expecting a dinosaur to meander out of the mossy woods. Thanks for capturing some of its beauty.

    Oh, and the photo of the tree stump with another tree growing on top of it BLEW ME AWAY. Too cool. 🙂


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