White Salmon, WA


White Salmon, Pink Salmon and now Green Salmon! I had some free time while in White Salmon following the wedding and had a chance to explore the back roads. I was in search of views and since there are hills everywhere it wasn’t hard to do.


If you’ve never been to SW Washington or the Columbia River Gorge, you should go check it out. Its an amazing place with the best of both worlds (sun and rain). Its crazy there. You cross the hydrological divide of the Cascades on I-84 but you never gain any elevation. It goes from wet, green, mossy forest to dry and sunny within a matter of miles. Imagine crossing Snoqualmie Pass, without a pass!


And then the wind. The wind blows hard there. The Gorge is also the largest gap in the Cascades and is THE major passage for air from the cool, wet Pacific side and the hot, dry Columbia River and Snake River Basin side. Think of trying to get a fat guy through a small door. The best way is for him to run REALLY fast and push through!

I’m very excited to have found a new area to explore in Washington and I can’t wait for my next trip to the area. Mt. Adams anyone? 🙂
Click HERE for another view of my photos…








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