Pacific Northwest Road trip, 25+ years ago

My mom just sent me some photos of the Pacific Northwest from over 25 years ago.  We took a road trip in 1982 with my grandparents to see the Pacific Ocean and visit Oregon.  2 years later in 1984 my mom took us to the Portland Zoo, Multnomah Falls, and the Pacific Ocean in Seaside, OR again.  The other ones are from trips my mom took with my Grandparents in the 70’s.   Is it any wonder I love the NW now????

Thanks mom:)

My sister and I at Multnomah Falls, 1984.   From there we headed to Portland to see the zoo and on to Seaside, OR and Newport, OR.

My sister and I with my grandma and grandpa on the beach.  I think it is Oregon, but unsure where.  1982


Downtown Seattle from the Space Needle, 1974.  (No, I’m not that old)  This is from a trip my mom took with my Grandparents and uncle.  Not the greatest air quality that day and certainly not representative of the clear, fresh air here!

Mt. St. Helens 1982 or 1984.  I’ll post the same photo from 25 years later soon:)


Ballard Locks, 1994.  Still the same!  I remember that day and I still go there to relax because it reminds me of this photo and my first real memories of Seattle.


Mt. Hood 1976.  I think there is another volcano in the distance. Mt. Jefferson?  I love the old cars in the lot though.  Go there today and you’ll see half the cars are the same. Hint: VW Bus


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