Ballard Locks, again and again

After I posted a photo of the locks from 1994 HERE I wanted to return and wander around.   I try to go there several times a year to spend a few hours.  It’s quiet, there’s wildlife, it smells like the ocean, there’s fish and its pretty.  It’s also 2.6 miles from my house which makes for a nice walk.

It can get very busy there in the summer with tourists, especially on the weekends.   My solution?  Don’t go on the weekends.  I also go in the winter and it’s especially nice there in the spring.  The Steelhead Salmon have already stopped running but July and August are coming and the Salmon love to go swimming at the locks then!

It’s also cool to see the ginormous ships pass through the locks on their way to Alaska to catch me some dinner.  It makes me happy to be in Seattle when I see a burly, steel hulled vessel pass through and I can catch the name “Polar Sea- Seattle, WA” on the back.  Now go catch me a salmon!

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