Finally Got It!

I’ve been wanting to get capture this image for quite some time now and things finally came together! I wanted a panoramic view of downtown Seattle with a full moon. Conditions have to line up for this to happen since Seattle has about 9,000 different types of clouds that can strike at any time of year. Getting a clear night on a full moon? Do the math. 12 full moon days, cloudy 99% of the time equals 0 days of a clear night and full moon:) More realistically, we get a couple of these days a year but I was ready this time.

I think the next full moon over Seattle image will be from a different location and I already have it planned out. I even have a location for the time after that! Check back in 5 years.
Enjoy. EE

**to update based on many comments, this was with a Nikon D80, 24mm Nikkor Manual focus lens, no filter. 30s @ f/22 ISO 100. And thank you all so much for the nice comments! Eric E.


149 thoughts on “Finally Got It!

  1. Wow!! That’s an incredible photo!! I’ve only been to Seattle once before and it was rainy and cloudy the entire time, so I’m pretty impressed that you managed to get this shot! It’s gorgeous! šŸ™‚


  2. Wow, what a photo! And kudos to you for sticking with your vision. Shooting at night can be daunting and frustrating. Awesome job šŸ™‚

    I love how sharp this picture is. May I ask what your camera settings were for this shot?


  3. Beautiful and eerie at the same time. Makes me think of an unsuspecting city about to be invaded by aliens. I don’t know why as my noodle works in mysterious ways. I love these pics. Amazing!


  4. Great shot Eric, I love Seattle and this is how I remember , without the moon šŸ˜‰

    I am not sure if you realise that you can’t see the text when leaving the post you have to highlight and it comes up white.

    Cheers from Downunder


  5. Lovely pic. I got hung up on the math portion of the post for a bit. Its OK now. I am retired. I can wait five years. Good luck. The result was worth the wait.


  6. Thank you everyone for looking, kinda stunned by the Fresh Presssed! This image was taken from Kerry Park, Queen Anne. All the other photographers had already gone home so I had the place to myself:) No filters used, just plain ol’ photography. Thank you so much for looking!


  7. I lovet this! I am from Arizona but I always try and find any excuse I can to come to Seattle. You get a lot of clouds, I get a lot of sun so the trade off is nice. šŸ™‚ Thank you for posting this!


  8. Eric this is a great photo and I hate to say it but I laughed so hard when you wrote “do the math”. 99% of the time cloudy. What a great accomplishment. Some people dream of being able to see their own toes right? Keep it up. More amazing photos to come I hope!


  9. I feel your pain and frustrations with weather. Syracuse, NY is also know as one of the cloudiest places in the US. I think we are not too far behind Seattle.

    But your patience (and I bet some cursing) paid off with this gem! Congrats!


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