Mt. Baker-Schreiber Meadows and Railroad Grade

This is a long overdue post from August, sorry! Before leaving Seattle, I wanted to go for another hike to a place I love. I had visions of green meadows, flowers, sun and views. Instead I got this:

I still had occasional views of Mt. Baker but mostly it was a great hike among the misty forest of the Northwest.

I camped near the trail head the night before and started hiking around 7am. I woke up and discovered a huge patch of snow nearby and as it became light I could see I was in for a snow hike. Before long the trail turned from patchy snow to all snow. The meadows were still under several feet of snow, despite being mid-August! Luckily the Railroad Grade Trail stays on a ridge and was snow free allowing easy hiking.

The trail is dramatic in that it drops off abruptly on one side, making for a nice spell of vertigo in places. The heather grows right on the edge and the fog made for a unique experience.

I also came across MANY marmots and I’ll post a few photos of them in the next blog post. Until next time…EE


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