Whistle Pigs!

As a follow up to my recent post on Mt. Baker, I mentioned coming across many marmots. For those who have been on that trail, you know there are marmots that don’t really care if you’re there or not. They just want your food!

Marmots spend much of there time being lazy. They sit in the sun on a rock for hours and actually look obese! Don’t be fooled though, they play, run, gather and store food, and are constantly on the lookout for predators. Their whistle alarms others and from their vantage in the high alpine, they can see for miles.

I’ve seen many marmots hiking in Washington and other places but I’ve never seen baby marmots. I came across the ones below and took a lot of photos. It was like they were posing for me. They lived in a hole on the edge of a cliff, but still acted like kids. They wrestled, bit each other, shoved past each other all dangerously close to sliding away.

Cool little squinnies…

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3 thoughts on “Whistle Pigs!

  1. Great shots. I have done some photography around there, and every time I see marmots they stare at me and I can almost hear them thinking “Are you done yet? This is our place!”


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