Simple Beauty

s utah low-032

Even though I already posted this photo, I wanted to share it again.  This photo was from the depths of Buckskin Gulch.  I had walked for miles and miles in a dark world of rock, mud and stone with no vegetation in sight.  It hadn’t rained recently and the mud pools were drying up.  I came across this particular mud pool with a beautiful crack leading to a single yellow leaf.

It made me think about randomness and beauty.  Out of all the miles and miles of canyon for a single yellow leaf to fall, it fell here.  Exactly where I would’ve placed it had I been carrying a yellow leaf to photograph.  Or if the leaf just fell in the water, the crack formed in a way leading to this single yellow leaf.

I saw many, many vast and beautiful landscapes throughout my time in S. Utah and this remains one of my favorite images.  This isn’t a highlight of any guidebook yet you’ll never discover scenes like this unless you go.  Oh, and bring a camera:)


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