Christmas Night Stars

Here are a few photos from a quick hike last night under the stars. Enjoy:)

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5 thoughts on “Christmas Night Stars

  1. Beautiful desert sunsets. Incredible starry night! This is an awesome image of a winter night sky in the mountains overlooking the moving highway mixed with the stillness of the shooting site of a viewer in-frame with a closed road sign, yet there’s many recent tracks on the snowy ground–there’s a lot of elements in the shot and it’s totally working! It’s my favorite so far. Eric, honestly, this one should be in a gallery. You keep finding stuff as you look at it (like a scavenger hunt), but yet there’s beautiful eye catching simplcity (the black and white helps create that too). You got two situations going on at the same time in this one image (the many elements popping up as you keep looking and eye-catching simplicity). No b/s, this is really good. I wouldn’t doubt it if one of those stars turns out to be a spaceship (just kidding, my attempt at humor).


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