Astro Tour

No, I didn’t go to the moon or Milky Way.  I did venture to Jupiter Peak under a full moon though last night.  The temperature was a whopping 5 and with wind chill it was -90 or so.  Maybe that’s just what it felt like!

I hadn’t been on a full moon ski tour in some time so last night was the  right time.   I began hiking at 2:30am and by 4am I was on top of Jupiter.  It was an easy hike up and the view was incredible.  I paced around for an hour or so and watched the moon set over Big Cottonwood canyon.  With sunrise only an hour or so away, I decided to pull out my sleeping bag and hunker down.  I was cold.  I shook up some hand warmers and put them in my ski boot liners and waited for sunrise since there was no light now to ski down.

I must have passed out once the sun crested the horizon because I woke up at 8:30am in full sunlight!  At least I was warm:)  It was an easy ski down to the bus and back home followed by 2 consecutive naps.  All in all a great night despite the cold and lack of pbr on the summit.


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5 thoughts on “Astro Tour

  1. The lighting on DSC 0053 is so surreal, it’s cool like your snowpeak tent photo DSC 0220. Why is it that the beauty of sunrise and sunset are not capturable with a camera? It’s beauty and emotion is so elusive. Maybe it’s the soundless symphony that accompanies it, that no camera yet is able to capture, only the naked eye.


  2. That is the beauty of moonlight! It actually pulls the blue from the sky and makes all the lights glow. Something your eyes can’t see but cameras can:) As for sunrise/sunset, sometimes it’s nice to just sit back and watch instead of looking at things through a view finder.


    • Thanks, the sunrise from 10,000 feet unobstructed is amazing even when captured with my phone camera! I need the solitude from time to time to keep me sane and I’ve found a lot of pleasure in full moon outings. Summer is easier:)


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