Beach, Sun, Winter…What?

I’m doing something a little different on this post. All the photos were taken with my phone! I don’t have a small digital camera, only my DSLR so my phone becomes my lightweight camera option. That’s ok, it actually takes pretty decent photos and I thought I’d share a few from a recent trip to Washington.

I was in need of some time off and Kanoe had the same days off so we decided to head to the beach for a few days of R&R. I love adventure, seeing new things and exploring the area I live but sometimes its ok to just do NOTHING. Check option 2.

So no long blog post of exciting stories, just a few photos of my travel that are worthy of sharing on this blog. We were blessed with sun and relatively warm temps and no wind, all of which are a like a godsend on the Washington coast in January. It’s actually no the weather we were looking for but no complaints were heard at all!

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7 thoughts on “Beach, Sun, Winter…What?

    • Thanks:) I agree that phones can be a great small camera and are perfectly fine for sharing photos on FB or a blog. I could never print or sell anything from a phone but the point of my blog is to share anyway so it works just fine! I’ll limit myself though since I prefer more control with my photography than a phone or small digital camera can ever provide.


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