Soaking up some sunshine (and snow)

I had a few days off and decided to head south to Moab, UT. It was tough to leave Park City since skiing was great and a big storm was on the way in. No worries, I’ll trade some sun in the desert for snow from time to time. Plus, my roommate was looking at a car in Moab so we joined forces!

We found an awesome campsite near town in no time. I’m not a huge fan of campgrounds but when you’re the only one there it becomes a different story. The view, firepit and picnic table was worth the $10.

The wind blew steady all night which made for a great fire show! 6 bundles of wood disappeared in no time, but it kept us warm in the cold and windy conditions. We woke in the morning to snow and no visibility. Coffee wasn’t even made, just packed up the tent and headed to town for breakfast. Roughing it for sure:)

We had a few hours to kill so we drove to Dead Horse Point knowing full well the view wouldn’t be as advertised. We quickly ran into more snow on the road and basically just drove around a little. I’ll post a few pics from my phone later to show some of the snow. Other than that, it was a quick trip with some good views and interesting weather. I realized I’d never seen it snow in the desert so I was satisfied with the trip. Enjoy:) EE

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