Moving on to year 2

I just realized that I’ve had my own photography website for 1 year now! In honor of this, I added some more images and did a little housekeeping. I’m more excited than ever about photography and am pumped for Spring and Summer!

I use Smugmug and have had a great experience with the software. There is a HUGE learning curve if you want to step away from a template or make modifications, but there is an endless source of answers for you on forums and help pages. I found a template that was close to what I visioned and worked to get rid of stuff and simplifying the site. I like clean and simple with a focus on the images and easy viewing/purchasing options. I’m happy with Smugmug and will continue to use this site for the foreseeable future.

Thanks for looking and see you outside!


2 thoughts on “Moving on to year 2

  1. Holy mole Eric! You’ve been holding back on us!

    I took a quick peek at your gallery below, I really like what you’ve done! You’ve pumped up the storytelling in these images. And the new images are just as giving.

    In my opinion… artist has been born.


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