New Camera:)

When writing my last post, I failed to mention that I recently got a new camera! DLSR’s have dropped in price significantly and I was able to pick up a D300 at a reasonable price. There are a few differences between the D300 and the D80, namely quality.

I’m not a gear junkie and don’t get off on specs but I’m keen to the details of cameras. The D300 offers improved weatherproofing, durability, sensor cleaning and better high ISO performance. There are a few fun features like 7fps, live view and HDMI output which are not super important to me but fun nonetheless.

It’s slightly larger and heavier than my D80 so I’m not jumping at selling my D80. The image quality is similar for most of the work I do so it will be hard to justify the weight on lengthy hikes. The D300 offers better color management and with the better high ISO performance though, so leaving it at home will be a tough decision.

The only thing I really noticed was the excitement I felt for creating more images!


7 thoughts on “New Camera:)

  1. Now I’m doubly jealous…! (I have a lovely, full-frame Canon 5D, which stopped working 2.5 years ago when the sky opened up and started to pour while I was hiking at Pyramid Lake.)

    You obviously take yourself through some fantastic places, ones where it makes sense to have a great camera. And a great wide angle lens, which you seem to have, judging by your photos. You should review the camera body after you’ve had it a while. Us folks “on the other side of the fence” (eg Canonites) have been drooling over your greener grass lately.


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