Bryce Canyon National Park-Under The Rim (Part 1)

Temps have already climbed up to the 90’s in southern Utah so the decision was made to head south! Then it was decided to head up, and up to where the earth and sky meet. Welcome to Bryce Canyon.

Bryce Canyon National Park is a popular park for good reason. It is simply stunning. From the car it is steps to the edge of the world and this is where 99% of people take photos of Bryce Canyon from. We loaded up the packs and headed into the depths of Bryce Canyon and headed south on the Under the Rim trail.

Night one was spent below the rim next to a very small, but consistently flowing creek. The morning shade only lasted for 9 minutes then it got hot. There are no bugs out this time of year so you don’t get your blood drained when changing to t-shirts and shorts! We hung out for a while but an 11 mile reality eventually set in. Off we go.

By 7:00pm that evening we were still short of our intended camp. Instead, we came across another camp site with water at the TOP of the rim! Sick-bird! We were both exhausted from up, down, up, down, wait for it….up all day long and couldn’t wait to kick off the shoes. The most disgusting mac & cheese I’ve ever had rounded out a great day on the trail.

I have a natural tendency to wake up early when backpacking which serves me right when photographing sunrises. This time was no different. I woke in time to wander towards the rim of my own private Bryce Canyon sunrise. It was just as magnificent as the last time I backpacked in Bryce, many years ago. I had my camera with me this time:)

With only .9 miles to the road, the tough decision was made to not cut off my arm and just hang out in camp all day. 5pm came way later in the day, after Rummy, a 2 hour nap, drinking some “juice”, and lots of coffee. It was such a great time hanging out in such a spectacular place that it was difficult to leave. After hitch hiking to get the truck (much easier than at Coyote Gulch!!), we headed south to Rainbow Point and worked out way back at sunset.

We literally saw nobody at our vista point at sunset. I heart Bryce Canyon! Here’s some photos that I have edited so far. Stay tuned for more photos from this amazing place! EE


11 thoughts on “Bryce Canyon National Park-Under The Rim (Part 1)

  1. Love Bryce Canyon. 🙂 I only do day hikes and when we were in Bryce a few years ago, there was still too much snow for that (I mean we could have been hardcore and bought the crampons but it didn’t seem worth it). Thanks for sharing!


  2. This really, is Bryce Canyon National Park in words and pictures. I love the photography, great job Eric E. I am already feeling like taking a trip to Bryce. The beautifully shaped red-rock formations don’t cease to amaze me.


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