Northern Montana, The Full Version

OK, I’m done messing around with the computer and I’m posting photos the “old fashioned” way for now. Photos from this post are from Fort Peck Reservoir to St. Mary, MT. I think there is even one for Wyoming and Eastern Montana. Highway 2 changes its straight course once it hits the mountains, but that is for the next post though!

Northern Montana is fairly flat which is good for the Amtrak and Burlington Northern lines as well as the wind. There is NO protection from the bitter cold air that pushes across the Canadian border each winter. On this day though, the temperature was in the 40’s with strong winds. People there were in shorts!

As far as the images, I do like the town of Dodson, it has 1 bar. The only other thing there is another bar. Shots, shots, shots! I also threw one in from the Wyoming sky at night at sunset and after. Looking back I didn’t take as much time as I originally planned for photography and opted for driving and seeing more country with my own eyes. I’m completely happy with this choice since it leaves SOOO much out there to photograph. And from the number of cars and photographers I saw, I’m not in any hurry. I drove one 90 mile stretch and saw 4 cars:) Welcome to Montana, home.


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