Glacier National Park

As I previously posted, Highway 2 slams into some large mountains when heading West, namely Glacier National Park. The east side of Glacier is dramatic to say the least! Mountains rise abruptly from the plains and large meadows and lakes fill the valleys. I was lucky enough to hear my alarm clock for the 4:30am wake up call and was able to get a few shots near St. Mary’s.

I continued around Glacier to the west side and up the North Fork of the Flathead River. This side of the park too is filled with long, deep lakes and dramatic vertical rises. Going to the Sun road was still closed so my views were all from the valley. Its ok though, you don’t have to go very far to be amazed with views there!

Glacier National Park is one of my favorite places EVER! I have great memories of going there as a kid and many times since. I’ll go back again and will get the chills up by spine again, and smile:) EE
*update* I noticed some dust spots weren’t removed, images on my site will be clean!

MT Road Trip-232e

MT Road Trip-234e

MT Road Trip-245e

MT Road Trip-268e

MT Road Trip-277e

MT Road Trip-287e

MT Road Trip-318e


12 thoughts on “Glacier National Park

  1. Eric,
    As usual, these pictures are great! You have a way of really capturing the true beauty of a place. You are an amazing landscape photographer, and I am always left eagerly looking forward to your next post πŸ™‚



    • Hey Jen, Thank you for the comment and I certainly try to capture the beauty! As always, its beautiful in person but cameras see differently than human eyes so it’s almost like I get to revisit a place, then share! Thank you again, miss ya:)


  2. Well, that finally answers that question. These are gorgeous images. The second from the top is my favorite–all the many beautiful layers (sky, moon, ancient glaciers, body of water, mountains, inlet with trees, bracken and more water). I’m envious.


  3. Simply stunning! This last one is a new favorite of mine. Thanks for capturing the beauty we have so close but many don’t take time to see!


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